Study writing or studio art in the heart of Rome

In this program, the living and historic city of Rome will provide inspiration as you develop your own writing or studio art projects.

You'll draw from the architecture, art, and spatial design of the city as well as from the poetry, fiction, memoirs, and letters of writers, painters, and sculptors who have lived in or visited Rome.

Many of the writing and studio art assignments are made in association with site visits that all students and faculty make together in and near Rome.

Courses are taught in English, at a teaching facility near Cornell student residences, where you'll share an apartment with several other students.

You'll enroll for six (or, with permission, seven) credits of study, and each of the courses counts toward the 120 credits that Cornell undergraduate students must earn for graduation and may also fulfill requirements for electives, distribution requirements, the major, or a minor in creative writing, English, or fine arts.