Course description

Many Veterans experience challenges when transitioning from the military to civilian life, and from a community college to Cornell University. The seemingly disconnected and unstructured environment of a large, Ivy League university can further exacerbate these challenges and result in student Veterans not taking advantage of all the opportunities available to them in college. ALS 1100 is a seminar that aims to assist Veteran students during the transition from military service or smaller college experience to collegiate life at Cornell and later, a civilian career. Students will engage in experiential learning opportunities, reflections, excursions, discussions, and seminars aimed at helping them explore their transition to Cornell, academic opportunities and various available resources on campus and in the local community.

Outcome 1: Implement strategies for maximizing your VA educational benefits.

Outcome 2: Develop an action plan that puts you on the path to achieving your academic and professional goals.

Outcome 3: Describe the vast opportunities at Cornell University for personal, professional, and academic growth.

Outcome 4: Translate your military experience into marketable skills that are attractive to civilian employers.

Outcome 5: Establish a network of colleagues who will help you succeed in your transition.

Outcome 6: Identify and implement strategies to successfully address your transition.

Outcome 7: Engage regularly with a community of undergraduate veterans.

Enrollment limited to: Veteran students.

Summer 2024: Ithaca campus