Please follow the steps below if you're a Cornell student currently registered full-time in a degree program in one of the university’s schools or colleges.

Courses fill quickly; we encourage you to enroll as soon as you are able to ensure you get your first choice class.

Note: This page provides information about enrolling in Summer and Winter Session courses. Current Cornell students who wish to take Fall/Spring courses should enroll via the Student Center.

1. Review deadlines

See the academic calendar for term dates, payment deadlines, and the last day to add/drop courses:

2. Select your course(s)

If you haven’t done so already, find your course and note your course number and title, which you will need to complete step 3.

Also, review prerequisites, credit limits, and instructions for selecting courses.

Choose from

3. Request enrollment

For Summer

To enroll, visit the Student Center.

Visit Student Center

For Winter

Using the button below (available on October 15), send us a request indicating that you'd like to enroll in Winter Session classes. Within two business days, you'll be granted access to enroll using Student Center. You'll receive an email from when your access is available.

4. Pay your tuition and fees

See tuition, how to pay, and payment deadlines.

You're responsible for the tuition associated with all classes in which you’re enrolled, whether or not you participate in those classes.

If you no longer wish to take a class, follow the steps on the Course Changes page to drop it immediately. If you drop after the refund period has passed (see Dates and Deadlines), you'll be responsible for the total cost of your tuition.

  • Summer Session students: If you're participating in more than one session, payment must be submitted for all sessions according to the applicable dates for the first session in which you are enrolling.

A note to graduate students

  • If you only want to use the university's libraries and/or other facilities while working on your research, and/or use Cornell Health's services, you must register at the Graduate School.
  • Summer/Winter Session graduate students: Please be advised that academic year stipends and tuition awards do not cover Summer/Winter Session courses.

Course changes

If, after enrolling, you decide to drop your course, you may make course changes in the Student Center according to the deadlines on the Summer Session or Winter Session calendar.

If you wish to make a change after those deadlines have passed, you must visit the Course Changes page immediately and complete the steps there.

If you stop attending a class after the drop deadline and don't submit a form to officially drop that class, you will receive a grade of F and will be liable for the tuition and any fees.