Course description

Second course in a three semester introductory physics sequence. The course emphasizes active learning during class. Video lectures are viewed before class; most class time is devoted to problem-solving. Topics include: electric forces and fields, electric energy and potential, circuits, magnetic forces and fields, magnetic induction, and Maxwell’s equations. Taught at a level somewhat higher than University Physics, Vol. 2, by Young and Freedman. The math prerequisite is essential: line, surface, and volume integrals are done routinely and occasional use is made of gradient, divergence, and curl.

Due to an overlap in content, students will receive credit for only one course in the following group: AEP 2170, PHYS 1102, PHYS 2208, PHYS 2213, PHYS 2217.


PHYS 1112 (or strong performance in PHYS 2207) and one of MATH 1920, MATH 2220, or MATH 2240.


Primarily for: students of engineering, physics and related disciplines. PHYS 2217 presents a more advanced view of the subject. Students must take PHYS 1110 with PHYS 1112, PHYS 1116, PHYS 2213, or PHYS 2217 to complete the required sequence.

Summer 2024: Ithaca campus

David Kornreich
David Kornreich
Visiting Professor