Fall 2021 part-time study

Cornell's Ithaca campus will return to in-person courses for the Fall 2021 semester. Updates will be posted later this summer.

Read about part-time study and COVID-19.

Non-degree students: Take almost any Cornell course & study with university faculty

Through Cornell SCE, you can earn Cornell credits and take advantage of university resources without enrolling in a degree program.

Whether you want to explore a new interest, enhance your resume, or strengthen your professional skills, you can choose from thousands of regular university courses during the fall and spring semesters. You'll study alongside Cornell undergraduate and graduate students and have access to university libraries and other campus facilities.

Your grades and credits will be recorded on an official Cornell transcript. You can generally transfer these credits to a degree at Cornell or elsewhere—but always check with your school or institution.

Eligibility: Anyone high school age and older can take fall/spring courses at Cornell, with the exception of Cornell degree candidates, who are not eligible to participate in part-time study in the fall or spring. High school students can request to enroll in courses at the 1XXX and 2XXX level as long as you meet the prerequisites, but cannot enroll in Freshman Writing Seminar (FWS) courses.

How to get started

  1. Select a fall/spring class or classes from the university's Class Roster or contact us for help finding the right course.
  2. To enroll, visit our registration page.
  3. Obtain the required approvals from the instructor, department, or college registrar for your course(s)