Course description

This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

This course balances theoretical and studio approaches in the design and two-dimensional representation of fashion. Lectures and readings accompany practical design exercises such as trend forecasting and collection development throughout the three-week semester. Students will explore various media and techniques to practice new skills, while creating a professional portfolio based on their individual design aesthetic. Students will be introduced to digital fashion design techniques and given access to online and design tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, to aid in their development of a capsule collection. Course activities will include lectures and tutorials, readings, and assignments. This class does not substitute or fulfill any FSAD major or minor requirements.

Outcome 1: To create a digital portfolio, suitable for college applications.

Outcome 2: To develop and present a digital collection of fashion designs.

Outcome 3: To achieve an understanding of fashion design concepts, processes, and research.

Outcome 4: To become familiar with the most important media of fashion and understand the limitations and opportunities offered to the designers.

Outcome 5: To achieve an understanding of new developments within the global fashion system.

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Previously offered classes

Summer 2022: Online course

Section ID:FSAD 1120 001-LEC
Session:Summer 3-week 3
Class dates:July 11-29, 2022
Final exam/project due:Friday July 29, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM / Online (see Final exams)
Time / room:
Mode of instruction:Asynchronous distance learning
Instructor:Xepoleas, L. (lmx2)
Max. enroll:26
To enroll:Enrollment for this class is closed.

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This course is open to all registrants, including undergraduates and precollege students.

Student experiences

"I gained a deep understanding of the complexities of the fashion industry. I learned not only sketching and designing skills but also business and research skills necessary to thrive in the industry. In addition, I met many students with similar interests and gained an outstanding college experience."
"My professor was absolutely amazing. She taught me so many aspects of fashion that I didn't know existed. She incorporated smarts with creativity and exposed me to so many options and much information."