Course description

First course in a three-semester introductory physics sequence. This course is taught in a largely flipped, highly interactive manner, with reading preparation required for class. Covers the mechanics of particles with focus on kinematics, dynamics, conservation laws, central force fields, periodic motion. Mechanics of many-particle systems: center of mass, rotational mechanics of a rigid body, rotational equilibrium, and fluid mechanics. Temperature, heat, the laws of thermodynamics.

Primarily for: students in Engineering, Physics or related subjects. Students interested in majoring in Engineering Physics or Physics, and who have a strong physics and mathematics background are encouraged to consider PHYS 1116. Students in the Life Sciences (but not Engineering or Physics) should consider PHYS 1101 or PHYS 2207 and check with your program for further guidance.


MATH 1910 or MATH 1120.


PHYS 1110 must be taken to remain enrolled in PHYS 1112. MATH 1910 may be allowed by instructor in exceptional cases, but continuation in PHYS 2213 will then have to be deferred until MATH 1920 is completed. Recommended corequisite: MATH 1920 in order to continue with PHYS 2213 the following semester.

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