Explore business management fundamentals in today's fast-paced world

In this popular three-week, three-credit foundational program, you'll become familiar with the primary components of business management in the center of global business—New York City.

Our focus will be on understanding how business skills and career options connect across the breadth of undergraduate studies.

Through exposure to academic theory and practitioner stories, you'll gain knowledge to apply in your studies and professional pursuits, from leadership and strategy to managing people, operations, finance, technology, and more.

You'll learn about topics in today's fast-paced, constantly transforming business world including

  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy
  • Leadership and human resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance and accounting
  • Information technology

You'll dig into mulitple case studies, including Nike and Netflix. And you'll participate in an entrepreneurial business simulation to gain firsthand insights into running a company.

Finally, you'll connect class content to context by meeting with business executives, including startup CEOs and corporate C-suite leaders, and by visiting with decision-makers at a cutting-edge company in Manhattan.