BIOEE 1781: Introduction to Evolution and Diversity

This course is now full, and we are no longer accepting applications. Consider taking an online course offered Summer 2023. More summer courses will be added in the coming months, so check back frequently. Applications open in late January.

Precollege admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis, which means that we will review and act on complete applications and enrollment requests as they are received. Because this application process requires a number of steps (outlined below) and many of our courses fill before the deadline, we encourage you to apply as early as possible.

Review application deadlines

Please contact the Cornell University Precollege Studies associate director, Janna Dawn (, if you have any questions about this process.


Before applying, be sure you meet the eligibility requirements for fall/spring courses.

1. Select your course

Review the instructions for selecting courses.

If you haven’t done so already, find your course and note your course number and title, which you will need to complete Step 2.

Also, be sure you meet any prerequisites listed for your course.

If you wish to take more than one course in a session, check the credit limits.

2. Request approval to enroll

Send an email to the Cornell University Precollege Studies associate director, Janna Dawn (, with "Request for approval to take a credit course" as the subject.

Your message should include

  • Your request to enroll in a class
  • The class dates and full title (e.g., PSYCH 2750 Introduction to Personality)
  • Your name, address, and phone number
  • A PDF of your high school transcript (in English, on school letterhead, with your name on it)
  • A PDF of your most current available grades (in English, on school letterhead, with your name on it)

The Precollege Studies director will review your request and send you an email notifying you of the decision.

3. If approved, enroll and register

If you're granted permission to enroll, start on step 2A on the page for Visiting Students/General Registrants.

When you submit your course enrollment as part of these steps, you must also submit an enrollment code you will receive from the Precollege Studies director and the Parental Permission and Acknowledgement Form for Minor Students (PDF).

You are not officially registered until you have completed all steps below and submitted full payment for your term.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Course changes

If, after registering, you decide to drop or change your course, send a written request to the Precollege Studies associate director, Janna Dawn ( immediately.

In your request, please include the titles and course numbers for the courses you wish to drop/add. Also, be sure you meet the prerequisites, if any, for your new course. If you don't formally drop a course, you will receive a grade of F in that class and may be liable for the tuition and any fees.

Written requests must be submitted on or before the first day of class. You may not change courses after the first day of class.