Shortly before the start of your course, your instructor will post important class information on Canvas.

This information generally includes your course syllabus (which usually lists your required textbooks and materials) as well as assignments, quizzes and exams, homework, discussions, grades, announcements, and office hours.

To learn more about Canvas, visit Canvas Student Resources.

Purchasing course textbooks & materials

For most classes, you can purchase your required course textbooks and materials through the Cornell Store.

On the Cornell Store website, you can search for textbooks based on your individual schedule or by class number or title.

Note that it may take some time for the Cornell Store website to list your textbook information, so check back frequently.

Electronic books (ebooks) and books available via Canvas are charged to your Bursar account.

Communicating with your instructor

To contact your instructor, click on the link for your course and locate the "Instructor" field.

Note the instructor's NetID (such as "ewe1") and send an email to this NetID followed by "" For instance, in this example, your email would go to "".

If an instructor is not listed, contact us at or 607.255.4987.

Instructor email information can also be located by searching for their name or NetID in the Cornell Directory.

When sending email messages to your instructor, please use your Cornell NetID email.

Course expectations

Below are general class expectations. Your instructor may also share additional expectations on the syllabus.

  • Attend class daily, including all required lectures, discussions, break-out sessions, labs, etc.
  • Be prepared to actively participate in discussions and activities.
  • Keep up with required reading.
  • Regularly check the course website on Canvas (if used) for class announcements and assignments.
  • Complete all assignments and exams in a timely manner.
  • Abide by Cornell policies.