North Campus Construction

Note: A large residential expansion project is now underway on Cornell’s North Campus. Construction is expected to last until fall 2022 and will impact transportation, parking, and more in this area. For information, read about the North Campus Residential Expansion, contact Student and Campus Life, or email Move-in and pick up information will be emailed to participants in early June.

Summer College students live together in one of Cornell's residence halls on North Campus. The buildings contain study areas, laundry rooms, piano lounges, and main lounges for studying and large gatherings.

You'll receive your room and roommate assignments when you arrive on campus.

All students are assigned to single, double, or triple rooms. In addition, Summer College housing is assigned by gender; men and women live in separate floors, wings, or buildings with close supervision by residential staff. If you have any housing concerns, contact us.

Residential staff

Residential Community Advisors (RCAs) live in the residence halls with you, providing supervision and guidance.

As Cornell students, your RCAs may know your professors and may have taken the same courses you're taking. They'll share their college experiences with you and may have suggestions about choosing a college and major. Most importantly, they’ll work hard to ensure that your experience in the residence hall is a good one.

Residence Directors also live in the halls and supervise the RCAs, oversee community events, provide one-on-one support to students who are struggling, and hold judicial meetings with students. All Residence Directors are enrolled in graduate programs in Student Affairs and Higher Education and are preparing for careers in college student support.

All of these live-in staff members are supervised by our full-time Residence Life staff members, who have years of experience working with students in campus residential communities.

May I choose my roommate?

Because we believe that living in the same room, hall, or residence with someone from a different part of the world or section of the country can be one of the best learning experiences at Cornell, you may not request a roommate.

We work closely with students to assist them in adjusting to different interests and lifestyles. Room changes are only granted in extreme situations.

What's in my dorm room?

Your room comes furnished with

  • A lamp
  • A fan
  • A bed for each resident
  • A desk for each resident
  • A bureau for each resident
  • Bookcases and chairs
  • A pillow, blankets, and bed linens (sheets and a pillowcase)

Read about what to bring to Summer College

Are the dorms air-conditioned?

Your room does not have air conditioning. The North Campus residence halls are among the earliest buildings on the Cornell campus and were built before central air conditioning was prevalent.

Because we do have a number of very hot days every summer when the dorm rooms can become uncomfortably warm, we suggest you bring an additional desk or window fan, and/or rent a fan from a local rental agency.

If you have a documented disability-related medical need for air conditioning, see the note below about accessible housing.

What if I need accessible housing?

If you need accessible housing accommodations (i.e., strobe fire alarms, an air conditioning unit installed) due to a documented disability or chronic health condition, you must register online with Students Disability Services no later than Friday, May 29. For instructions, see Students with disabilities.

For additional information about housing, download the Summer College Housing & Dining Guide.