For many Cornell University Precollege Studies alumni, the skills and knowledge they gained at Cornell, along with the grades and credits they earned here, were important factors in gaining admission to their first-choice college.

In addition, our alumni—having succeeded at Cornell—frequently aimed higher when choosing a college or university.

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"I gained an advantage in the college admissions process as I now know what I’m looking for in a school and how to look for that. I’m addition, I’m feeling less anxious about college life. Attend admissions sessions, they’re very useful."

Alejandra Gonzalez

Are Cornell University Precollege Studies alumni favored for admission to Cornell?

Admission to Cornell is based on a variety of factors and is highly competitive. The high school record (including transcript and standardized test scores), written essays, and letters of recommendation provide Cornell admissions officers with a sense of a student’s potential to succeed at Cornell.

Academic enrichment programs such as Cornell Precollege Studies may provide admissions officers with additional information about a student’s academic potential.

While applications from Cornell Precollege Studies alumni are not viewed preferentially, a student's participation in such a program may provide evidence of enthusiasm for a particular subject or a general excitement about learning. A student's insights from participating in such a program, well expressed in essays and short answers on a student's application, may demonstrate to admissions officers the student's suitability for the academic challenge of Cornell.