Because there are so many of us living and studying in close proximity, Cornell University and Summer College have established ground rules that you'll need to know and follow.

Most rules are designed to protect students and to maintain a quality of life conducive to learning. Other rules reflect municipal, state, and federal laws.

We take these rules seriously. It is important that you respect the rights of others and act with concern and consideration for the well-being of the entire community.

We expect you to follow the instructions of staff members, whose job it is, in part, to address inappropriate behavior. Failure to respond to staff members' directives will result in disciplinary action.

Before arriving at Summer College, you and your parents/guardians must review these pages:

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Disciplinary actions

We hold students fully accountable for their behavior and actions on campus as well as in our community.

Our philosophy of discipline is based on several factors:

  • Students participating in Summer College are minors; therefore, the university makes a commitment to students and their parents or guardians to exercise a greater degree of control over student activities than would be true for university undergraduates.
  • When people live in close proximity, it is important to have procedures that provide for orderly, safe, compatible, and cooperative living.

Disciplinary action will follow any infraction of Summer College program regulations:

  • Actions range from oral or written warnings to early night check-in, probation, or dismissal from the program.
  • Any staff member can initiate disciplinary action.
  • An educational assignment may be part of the disciplinary action. This may include a paper, a letter of apology, community service, or a presentation to other Summer College students.

Students who are dismissed because of violations of the Summer College Academic Code of Conduct or Summer College House Rules will be withdrawn from their courses and will not be entitled to any refund. We are sorry to say this has happened.

For additional details about disciplinary processes and actions, see the Summer College Academic Code of Conduct (NetID required) and the Summer College House Rules.