Registration instructions for visiting students

1. Select your course(s)

If you haven't done so already, find your course and note your course number and title, which you will need to complete step 2.

Also, review prerequisites, credit limits, and instructions for selecting courses.

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2. Request Registration

A. Submit registration form online

Register online

This form will submit your registration request to the SCE Registrar's Office.

Note: If you will have graduated from high school but you will not have turned 18 by the time your Cornell course starts, contact the SCE registrar’s office before you register and request a Precollege Registration Code. You will need this code to use the registration system.

Please keep in mind the registration deadline.

See the Winter Session calendar

Allow 7-10 business days after submission of your request to receive information on next steps.

B. Activate your Cornell NetID

You'll receive email instructions from IT@Cornell for activating your Cornell NetID and setting up your Cornell NetID email.

C. Complete the Term Checklist

The Checklist will appear in your "To-Do List" in Student Center the day after you've fully activated your Cornell NetID by logging in the first time.

Detailed instructions will be sent after your registration form has been processed.

3. Review your enrollment confirmation

Once you've completed the required steps and if there is space in your class(es), you'll be officially enrolled, and the SCE Registrar will send you an email from confirming enrollment.

You'll also receive an email if your approved course is full.

Upon receiving an enrollment confirmation, please visit the Student Center to verify that you are enrolled in the correct class(es) and that the correct grading basis is reflected.

Learn about course materials, textbooks, and course expectations.

4. Pay your tuition and fees

Tuition and fees are due within two business days of your enrollment confirmation. (Your payment deadline will be included in your confirmation email.)

See tuition, how to pay. and payment deadlines.

You're responsible for the tuition associated with all classes in which you're enrolled, whether or not you participate in those classes.

If you no longer wish to take a class, follow the steps on the Course Changes page to drop it immediately. If you drop after the refund period has passed (see Dates and Deadlines), you'll be responsible for the total cost of your tuition.

5. Complete your onboarding requirements

Before beginning your term, you must complete the steps on the SCE onboarding page.

These requirements include familiarizing yourself with important policies and determining if you need to enroll in Cornell's student health plan.


By submitting an online registration, you are recognizing your responsibility to read, understand, and abide by the rules and procedures outlined on this website, including the image release statement, and the policies under the "Students" heading on the Cornell Policy Office site. You further recognize that you will not be exempted from the requirements of those rules and procedures because of ignorance, negligence, illness, other personal factors, or contradictory advice from any source.