The Cornell University Local Exchange Program allows matriculated full-time students who meet the requirements below to cross-register at the other institution during the fall and spring semesters.

No additional tuition is charged except in the case of undergraduate students enrolled during any one semester for a total of more than 18 credits (Cornell and home institution combined). Those students are subject to additional tuition charges on a per-credit basis.

Exchange program policies

  1. As an exchange program participant you must be paying for full-time status at your home institution (12 or more credits for undergraduate students and 9 or more credits for graduate students).
  2. You may take only courses not offered at your home institution. (Schedule conflicts or unavailability of courses in a given semester do not constitute valid rationales for enrollment as an exchange student.)
  3. Your course must be applicable to your program of study.
  4. Your enrollment is contingent upon space availability at the host institution.
  5. You may take only one course or 4 credits per semester (whichever is greater).*
  6. You may take a maximum of 12 credits through the exchange program.
  7. The exchange program is available fall and spring semesters only.
  8. Students should consult the appropriate student services or registrar's office regarding the established practice of credits earned through the exchange program relative to their GPA.

Academic calendar differences

Before completing exchange program paperwork and registering, be sure to review the academic calendars for both schools. Semester and break dates are often different.

Once enrolled in this program, you are required to attend every class and take exams when they are scheduled.

See Cornell's Fall/Spring academic calendar.

Registration & enrollment instructions