• If you will have graduated from high school by the time you start your course:
    Please do not use this page. Instead, review your program options on the Courses for Credit site and follow the registration instructions under the visiting students category.
  • If you will still be in high school at the time you start your course:
    Please review your precollege options below.

Precollege study options

All Spring and Summer 2023 courses for precollege students will be offered online only. (The Summer Residential Program will not be offered in 2023.)

We invite you to learn more about online study, which features rigorous Cornell University undergraduate classes taught by top faculty. In addition to experiencing college academics, you can explore potential majors, build college study skills, earn college credit, receive a Cornell transcript, and prep for college admissions.

You can select from more than 100 fascinating online Cornell courses in Arts and Architecture, Business and Hospitality, Engineering, Health and Humanities, International Relations, Science and Technology, Social Change, Veterinary Medicine, and more. Courses will be added throughout the year.

Applications for Summer 2023 online courses open in late January.


For more information, call the Precollege Studies office at 607.255.6203 or email precollege@cornell.edu.