It is university policy that directory information in a student's records may be released without the student's consent.

What is directory information?

Directory information is information that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy. The directory information most relevant to precollege students includes name, local address, local/cell phone listing, email address, dates of attendance, and enrollment status. For a full list and more details on the privacy of student records, see the Student Record Privacy Statement.

Can I limit the release of my directory information?

As a policy, Cornell University does not release or sell directory information to any outside entity for commercial, marketing, or solicitation purposes, but students do have the right to suppress their directory information. Suppression means, for example, that verification of enrollment will not be provided to third parties.

If you would like to suppress this information, you'll need to officially suppress it through the Office of the University Registrar's Student Center. (NetID required.)

Please note that the directory information will remain suppressed until you remove it through the Student Center or you contact the Office of the University Registrar.