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Explore human rights advocacy & paths to create a more just world

This program will introduce you to the law, theory, and practice of international human rights. By examining the successes, failures, and dilemmas in preventing and responding to human rights abuse, you'll learn to think critically about the effectiveness of international treaties, institutions, and norms.

Among the issues you'll explore are the death penalty, women's rights, migration, climate change, global poverty, mass atrocities, and accountability for past human rights violations. You'll also consider the relationship of the U.S. to the international system for the protection of human rights.

During in-class activities, you'll step into the shoes of a human rights advocate and work with your classmates to address a simulated human rights problem.

This program can serve as a great foundation for future study; for a career in government, law, non-profit, or for-profit work; or for life as a more responsible and informed citizen, effective advocate, or thoughtful and compassionate leader.