Winter Session 2021

Please note that Winter Session 2021 courses will be held online only.

Where will exams be held?

Exams will be held in your course classroom unless changed by your instructor.

When will exams be held?

Exam schedules

  • Summer Session exam dates: See the Summer Session academic calendar for exam periods and contact your instructor for your specific exam date.

    Note to instructors: Per university policy, in the event students have more than two exams in 24 hours, you are urged to grant requests for a make-up examination. In addition, you must provide accommodations to students who may not have reliable access to an online exam or who are in different time zones. Faculty who need to make accommodations for students or intend to move their exam should communicate with their students in advance to determine the number of conflicts that may be created.
  • Winter Session exam date: January 23, 2021
  • Fall/Spring exam dates

Proposed deviations from the final-examination schedule must be submitted in writing for approval by the interim dean of the School of Continuing Education and are permitted only if all class members and the instructor agree on the change and it has been determined that no student in the class has a time conflict.

If you are unsure about when your final exam will be held, please contact your instructor or the School of Continuing Education.

When are final projects due?

If a course requires an end-of-class exercise (for example, a paper, project report, final critique, oral presentation, or conference) in lieu of or in addition to a final examination, the nature of the exercise must be made known at the beginning of the semester. If there is no final examination in a course, an announcement must be made to that effect.

A course that requires an end-of-class exercise and does not offer a final examination must allow students at least until the date appearing on the official examination schedule to complete submission of materials associated with the culminating exercise. (For example, a student making a presentation during the last week of classes or during study period will have at least until the scheduled final-exam date to submit a final write-up or equivalent.)

Special Programs & Online Courses

Directors of special programs and instructors of online courses schedule their own exams. Check with your director or instructor for your exam times.