Cornell’s online classes are regular, credit-bearing Cornell courses. The grades and credits earned through these courses are recorded on an official Cornell transcript. As such, these classes — and all credit-bearing offerings — are subject to the Cornell tuition rate set by the university's Board of Trustees.

Tuition is $1,680 per credit for fall 2022 through summer 2023.

Example: A three-credit course at $1,680 per credit = $5,040

Cornell tuition does not include textbooks for the class.

Payment deadlines for online courses

To hold your place in your course, you must submit your full payment within two days of the date of your acceptance letter.

However, if you apply within a week of your application deadline, payment is due on the day of your acceptance letter.

International students

As soon as you have made your payment and received an official Flywire confirmation number, please forward that confirmation number to us at

Official enrollment

You are not officially enrolled until you have submitted full payment and completed all of your forms:

Program spaces are limited and other precollege and undergraduate students may be requesting seats in your course(s). You may lose your place if your class reaches its maximum enrollment before you submit your payment and complete your required forms. It is to your advantage to pay and submit your paperwork as soon as possible.