For students in New York City or the San Francisco Bay area

Wishbone is a non-profit organization sending low-income high school students to after-school and summer programs.

Wishbone connects students with out-of-school programs in line with their passions and then links these students to donors, both online and offline, to help raise the funds students need to attend their programs.

To learn more, visit Wishbone.

For students in Philadelphia

The Charles E. Ellis Trust for Girls helps eligible young women in Philadelphia excel in high school and prepare for post-secondary success by providing financial support for a variety of educational endeavors. Among them, The Ellis Trust awards funding for summer programs up to six weeks in length and/or $12,000 per student.

To learn more, visit Ellis Trust for Girls.

For a student in DEA 1100: Design Generation(s)

DEA 1100: Design Generation(s) offers one full scholarship to cover all costs associated with enrollment in this course, including tuition, room and board, application fee, books and printing, and health fee. For information, visit DEA 1100 scholarship.

For four students in VTBMS 1200: Veterinary Medicine: Small Animal Practice Scholarships

The College of Veterinary Medicine is offering four full scholarships to cover costs associated with enrollment in the three-credit, three-week, on-campus Cornell University Precollege Studies course VTBMS 1200: Veterinary Medicine: Science and Practice, including tuition, room and board, and health fee. Visit VTBMS 1200 scholarship.