DEA 1100: Design Generation(s) offers two full scholarships to cover all costs associated with enrollment in this online course, including tuition and application fee.

The scholarships are available on a competitive basis to students applying to DEA 1100.

To apply, submit your financial aid materials as well as two essays (in English and not to exceed 400 words each).

Design Opportunity Statement

This essay gives you the opportunity to get to the heart of your design thinking / design approach to making the world a better place.

  • Is there a place or product that might be re-designed to better support either the human condition or the planet? Define the place or product and discuss your frustration / challenge with its current state or use. After doing a little research (by looking at other versions or examples, talking with people who use this place or product), discuss how you might consider another design approach that benefits people or the planet.
  • Elaborate on why you selected this place or product (direct experience or indirect experience, e.g. personal observation, or another type of observation) and describe in detail how your design approach would support the end user. Through words, describe how this process affected you and how it connects with your desire to study design during Cornell's Precollege Studies summer program.

Personal Statement

Please use this essay to indicate how this experience/scholarship will support your career interests.

In your essay, you may also share details on lessons learned from any of your lived experiences that may help you serve the needs of a diverse population through design, including but not limited to being a first-generation college student, racial, ethnic, and/or cultural backgrounds(s); managing a disability or chronic health condition; experiencing housing, food, economic and/or other forms of significant insecurity; gender identity and/or sexual orientation; having served in the military; or holding DACA, refugee, TPS, or asylee status.


For more information, contact
Caroline Brockner
Department of Human Centered Design
Phone: 607.255.6266