The College of Veterinary Medicine is offering four full scholarships to cover costs associated with enrollment in the three-credit, three-week, online Cornell University Precollege Studies course VTBMS 1200: Veterinary Medicine: Science and Practice.

This three-credit college course covers topics including anatomy, physiology, and their clinical applications in veterinary medicine. Lectures introduce concepts of veterinary anatomy and physiology, followed by case presentations that show the relevance of the subject matter to clinical veterinary medicine. Other presentations show the breadth of veterinary medicine.


The scholarships are available to students

  • Who have overcome obstacles to educational opportunities as further outlined below; and
  • Who lack the financial resources necessary for enrollment in credit-bearing courses.

It is available on a competitive basis to students applying to VTBMS 1200 who are U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, undocumented persons, or students holding DACA, TPS, refugee, or asylee status.

Applicants must also successfully be admitted to the Cornell University Precollege Studies program in order to receive the scholarship.

To apply

1. Veterinary Medicine interests

Please respond to the following questions each in a paragraph or two:

  • Describe what aspects of veterinary medicine interest you.
  • Have you had any experiences that have provided you with some experience in the field of veterinary medicine? If so, please explain what they were. If not, please explain what types of experiences you think would help you gain experience in veterinary medicine.
  • Explain how other influences have motivated you to explore veterinary medicine.
  • Have there been opportunities to gain experience in veterinary medicine that you were not able to participate in? If so, please explain why you were not able to participate. If not, please describe a hypothetical reason why someone may not be able to participate in an extracurricular opportunity to gain experience in veterinary medicine.
  • How do you think the Cornell University Precollege Studies course VTBMS 1200: Veterinary Medicine: Science and Practice will help further motivate you or interest you in veterinary medicine?

2. Experiences Statement

Please tell us in 500 words or less if you have had any personal adversities or life hurdles that have impacted your access to educational opportunities and how you have worked to overcome them. You may describe lessons learned from any of your lived experiences including but not limited to

  • parent/guardian completed a baccalaureate degree
  • racial, ethnic, and/or cultural background(s)
  • managing a disability or chronic health condition
  • experiencing housing, food, economic, and/or other forms of significant insecurity
  • being raised in a single parent household
  • gender identity and/or sexual orientation
  • holding DACA, refugee, TPS, or asylee status


For more information, contact

Janna Dawn, Associate Director, Cornell University Precollege Studies