Course description

Art as Experience is an introductory course that expands a student’s understanding of the ideas and practices of art today. Studio projects will introduce a broad range of mediums from drawing and collage to digital photography and video installation. Students will explore and respond to resources at Cornell University and the course will be supplemented with readings, critiques and field trips. The course will culminate in an exhibition where students will be responsible for the organization and installation of self-directed art work.

Letter grades only. Counts as in/out-of-college elective credit for B.F.A. students.

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Student experiences

"I experienced college life and made a lot of friends from all over the globe. Professor Brack was excellent; she was so nice, thoughtful, and patient as she worked with us. With her instruction, we were all able to improve our artistic skills and our ability to analyze art."
"I loved absolutely everything about my program...the professor, the field trip, and being surrounded by artistically gifted kids."