Harness new technology to make cutting-edge, interactive, digital art

Transmedia is an emerging discipline that encompasses time-based and digital art forms, including photography, video, and computer art.

In this program—which can serve as a follow-up to Art as Experience or can be taken alone—you’ll work with cameras, audio recorders, physical computing boards, and computer software as you learn how to create and manipulate digital art.

To build a strong foundation in this field, you'll dive into the history and theory of digital art, explore a range of transmedia techniques, and learn about contemporary media artists.

You’ll have the full support of your faculty mentor as you work to master the concepts and skills needed to create images, sound, and motion-based media. At the end of each day, you'll discuss your work and the problems and solutions you encountered during the creative process.

The program will culminate with an art show in Cornell's Tjaden Gallery.

Fun, challenging, and exciting, this program will open you to new possibilities for creating dynamic art.