Upcoming programs

  • Winter Session 2020 courses will be added throughout the fall.
  • Updates to our Summer College 2020 offerings are in progress. We expect them to be completed by mid-December.

Explore the intersections of science & politics

In this eye-opening program, you'll explore the profound impact that the interplay between science and politics has on our lives—from global warming to healthcare reform and the surveillance of citizens.

Politics are informed by and embedded within many issues in science, technology, and medicine. Through reading, writing, lecture, and discussion, you'll analyze a number of these controversies, including the role of the military and private sector in funding research, the politics of experts and expertise, computer privacy and national security, and environmental politics.

In addition, you'll explore such questions as:

  • What forms of knowledge are valued when, where, and why?
  • How have the categories "science" and "technology" been defined historically?
  • Who/what should be considered when analyzing specific scenarios pertaining to science, technology, and politics?

You'll also meet with guest speakers, collaborate with fellow students, and enjoy field trips on campus, such as touring the Cornell synchrotron.