Registration checklist

1. Select your course(s)

Review the instructions for selecting courses.

You may request permission to enroll in courses at the 1,000 or 2,000 level as long as you meet the prerequisites.

If you wish to take more than one course in a session, check the credit limits.

On the rosters below, note that courses marked with a red square are full and not available for enrollment:

Find your course on the appropriate roster above and note your course number and title, which you will need to complete Step 2. Some courses may include additional required components such as labs and discussions. You will need to indicate your choice of required additional components when you submit your registration request.

2. Request approval to enroll from the Precollege director

A: Create a NextGen account.

B. Use the account form to upload copies of the documents below, in English, with any social security and account numbers removed or blacked out:

  • Application statement (no more than 250 words) that tells us about your interest in the course you selected. Why did you select it? What do you hope to gain from it? Do you have any personal, work, or volunteer experience related to it?
  • A PDF of your high school transcript (in English, an unofficial copy on school letterhead, with your name on it)
  • A PDF of your most current available grades (in English, an unofficial copy on school letterhead, with your name on it)

The Precollege Studies director will review your request and send you an email notifying you of the decision.

3. Request approval to enroll from your instructor, department, or college registrar

If admitted by the Precollege director, you must also obtain permission from your instructor, department, or college registrar to join a Fall/Spring course. Note: This approval does not guarantee a spot in the class if it fills. See the sample email for course approval.

To determine from whom you need permission, see the list of required approvals by college.

4. Request registration

A. Submit registration form online

After you have received written approval from the Precollege director and your instructor/department/college registrar, submit the online registration form below. This form will submit your registration to the SCE Registrar's Office.

Register online

Please keep in mind the registration deadline. Note that students are enrolled (Step 5) in the order they registered, so it is to your advantage to register early.

See the Fall/Spring Study calendar

B. Activate your Cornell NetID and sign into Student Center

You'll receive email instructions from IT@Cornell for activating your Cornell NetID and setting up your Cornell NetID email.

To finalize the activation, you must sign into Student Center.

C. Complete Term Checklist

The Checklist will appear in your "To-Do List" in Student Center the day after you've fully activated your Cornell NetID by logging in the first time.

Detailed instructions will be sent after your registration form has been processed.

You will not be enrolled in classes until all requirements are met.

5. Review your enrollment confirmation

Once you've completed the required steps and if there is space in your class(es), you'll be officially enrolled, and the SCE Registrar will send you an email from confirming enrollment.

You'll also receive an email if your approved course is full.

Upon receiving an enrollment confirmation, please visit the Student Center to verify that you are enrolled in the correct class(es) and that the correct grading basis is reflected.

Learn about course materials, textbooks, and course expectations.

6. Pay your tuition and fees

Tuition and fees are due within four business days of your enrollment confirmation. (Your payment deadline will be included in your confirmation email.)

See tuition, how to pay. and payment deadlines.

You're responsible for the tuition associated with all classes in which you're enrolled, whether or not you participate in those classes.

Submit important forms

1. The 2024 Parental Permission and Acknowledgment Form

After you have been admitted, and as soon as your NetID is activated, you must submit the Parental Permission and Acknowledgment for Minor Students Form:

  • Click on the link above to open the form and submit your parent/guardian’s name and email address. The "parent/guardian" email address must be different than your own email address.
  • Complete only the "Student" section of the form.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the form (past the "Parent/Guardian" section) and click “Next.” This will send an email to your parent/guardian asking them to complete the required fields in the "Parent/Guardian" section.
  • After your parent/guardian completes and submits their part of the form, you'll receive a confirmation email.

2. The 2024 Precollege Studies Code of Academic Integrity

You must submit the 2024 Precollege Studies Code of Academic Integrity Form as soon as your NetID is activated. It must be completed by the student.

3. Commuter Rules Form

You must submit the Commuter Rules form (available in the spring) as soon as your NetID is activated. The form must be signed by the student and your custodial parent/guardian.

4. Health requirements if taking six or more credits

Students taking six or more credits in on-campus courses as commuters during the spring, summer, or fall must meet Cornell's New Student Health Requirements. These requirements entail providing health information and submitting documentation of required immunizations.

The deadlines to complete health requirements are

  • Contact Cornell Health Requirements at 607.255.4364 for Spring courses
  • TBA for Fall courses

Note: Commuter students taking fewer than six credits on campus do not need to meet this requirement.

You are not officially enrolled until you have completed all steps and submitted full payment for your term.

Contact us if you have any questions.

5. Photo Submission Form (NetID required) (Available in the spring)

  • Required
  • Deadline: As soon as your NetID is activated.
  • You must upload your photo to receive your student ID card.
  • Pick up your student ID card on or after your first day of class from 245 Day Hall.
  • Questions about ID cards or office hours for 245 Day Hall? Visit ID Cards, call 607.255.4232, or email

6. Disability Self-Disclosure and Request for Accommodations Form (Available in the spring)

  • Required only for students requesting disability services or accommodations (i.e., exam accommodations, materials in accessible formats) in order to equitably participate in this program.
  • Deadline: Advanced notice is needed to arrange the timely implementation of accommodations. Please try to submit the self-disclosure form at least three weeks before your course instruction begins.
  • Questions about disability services? Contact Student Disability Services.

Course changes

If, after registering, you decide to drop or change your course, send a written request to the Precollege Studies associate director, Janna Dawn ( immediately.

In your request, please include the titles and course numbers for the courses you wish to drop/add. Also, be sure you meet the prerequisites, if any, for your new course. If you don't formally drop a course, you will receive a grade of F in that class and may be liable for the tuition and any fees. Note: You may not change courses after the first day of class.