Before registering, please

Ithaca College students:
How to register at Cornell

1. Submit your exchange petition

  • Complete the Petition to enroll at Cornell University.
  • Secure approval signatures (graduate students should obtain the graduate dean's signature). If a digital signature is not possible, please attach written approval (email is acceptable).
  • Submit your approved petition, with approvals attached, to Cornell's School of Continuing Education,

2. Follow the registration steps for visitors

After you have submitted your exchange petition, go to the page for Visiting Students/General Registrants and follow the registration steps there.
You may skip the payment instructions under Step 4.

Note: Graduating Ithaca College seniors enrolled in a course at Cornell during their final semester will not receive their diploma until the Cornell transcript is received and the grade posted. Depending on when the transcript arrives it may result in a September graduation date. Students can request a copy of their official transcript using their Cornell NetID.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Cornell students:
How to register at Ithaca College

  1. Complete the IC–CU Exchange Petition.
  2. Secure approval signatures from your advisor and college registrar. If a digital signature is not possible, please attach written approval (email is acceptable).
  3. Send signed form to the SCE registrar at for final approval.
  4. Once Cornell's IC-CU Exchange Petition has been completed with ALL required signatures, email the form to
  5. Complete Ithaca College's online Extramural Registration Form and send proof of prerequisites to, if applicable. Certain restrictions apply to courses in the School of Business as well as graduate-level courses. Cornell students with majors in the Division of Nutritional Sciences who intend to complete the minor in applied exercise science may register for more than one Ithaca College course per semester; however, they are bound by the 12-credit-hour maximum, total.
  6. The Office of Extended Studies will be in touch with additional registration requirements before the start of the semester. Note that official registration takes place during the first week of classes (see the Ithaca College Academic Calendar). In addition, due to COVID-19, all students must pay a $75 public health fee.
  7. Once your registration is complete, you should obtain an ID card from the ID Office in IC's Friends Hall, Room 109. An ID is required for registering a vehicle to park on campus, checking books out of the library, cashing checks at the campus center, and admission to athletic events and facilities.
  8. If you plan to have a vehicle on campus you must park in lots identified as red lots (these are student lots). You will be required to register your vehicle once you complete your registration for classes. See parking services.

Additional information can be found on IC's exchange program website. Once your registration is complete, Ithaca College will provide you with further instructions.

Contact information

Cornell University

School of Continuing Education
B20 Day Hall
Phone: 607.255.4987

Ithaca College

Office of Extended Studies
Job Hall 208
Phone: 607.274.3143