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Summer 2021 update

We are no longer accepting applications for summer 2021. Join our email list to receive information about upcoming precollege programs.

Summer online courses open to high school students

Challenge yourself with a real college experience. Take regular Cornell courses online, study with university faculty, earn credits and a Cornell transcript, and prep for college admissions.

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Top 3 reasons to enroll in precollege studies at Cornell

Student experiences

"A life-changing experience. Cornell fostered my curiosity and helped me grow so much. The class was immersive, fun, and eye opening. My professors were wonderful. I gained an advantage in the college admissions process, as I now know what I’m looking for in a school. I’m addition, I feel less anxious about college life."
"Fantastic... Your professors, your classmates, your dorm neighbors are all there to help you really learn about your class, to help you learn from one another, but most of all, to help you learn about yourself. It’s a phenomenal experience, and definitely one I will remember always. If you are given the chance, do it."