The academic credits you’ll earn at Summer College can generally be applied toward an undergraduate degree at Cornell or another school.

If you have any question about their transferability, check with the school or the specific Cornell college you’re thinking of attending.


Summer College students receive letter grades only. You may not take courses on a pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis, except for Computer Science 1109.

When can I get my grades?

You will be able to see your final grade(s) by August 18 by logging on to your Student Center and clicking on "Grades" under Academic History. (NetID required.) Grades cannot be given over the telephone, email, or fax.

If you are unable to access your grade(s), please contact the IT Service Desk. Architecture students should contact 607.255.5237 with questions about evaluations.


After Summer College, your enrollment in courses, your grades, and the number of credits you earned will be recorded on an official Cornell University transcript and will be a part of your permanent and complete academic record at the university.

Can a bad grade be removed from my transcript?

Bad grades cannot be deleted from transcripts. If you come to Cornell, the class(es) you take will always remain on your transcript and will appear in your cumulative GPA.

How can I get my transcript sent to schools?

You may request a transcript(s) on or after August 18 from the Cornell University Registrar. (NetID required.)

For information, visit the Office of the University Registrar.

A word to parents

University policy and federal law guarantee each student the right to keep his or her records private, including professors' names, course schedules, and grade reports. The educational records of all students at Cornell, regardless of student age, are protected under both the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and the Cornell University Access to Student Information, Policy 4.5.

Many families who still provide most of their child's financial support feel that they have a right to know what academic progress their child is making. Many students have grown up with their parents as active partners in their academic lives and are surprised to learn that the university does not automatically include parents when distributing grade reports and other educational records.

We encourage you to discuss these issues with your student and to maintain open communication about your student's academic life while attending Summer College.