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Enhance your English skills & explore U.S. culture

Cornell's summer English for International Students and Scholars (EISS) program prepares students, scholars, and visitors for working and studying at a university in the United States or for using English professionally.

As an EISS student, you'll receive

  • Full-time intensive English instruction
  • Academic, social, and cultural orientation to the United States and its institutions

We offer instruction at all levels, from low intermediate through advanced, and emphasize speaking, reading, writing, listening, comprehension, and grammar skills.

Morning classes focus on academic writing, listening, and speaking as well as exploring U.S. culture through readings and discussions.

Afternoon workshops and activities are tailored to students' needs and may include TOEFL prep, pronunciation workshops, presentation skills sessions, or individual consultations on writing skills.

To improve your communication skills and learn about U.S. culture, you're invited to attend concerts, plays, lectures, picnics, and field trips on campus and around the Finger Lakes Region.

English for International Students & Scholars: Summer Program
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  • Improve your ability to use English accurately in speaking and writing.
  • Build skills for communicating in culturally appropriate ways.
  • Develop the language skills to achieve your professional, academic, and personal goals in your field.
  • Practice reading, note-taking, and listening to lectures and presentations.
  • Use English in daily communication with your instructors, peers, and others.
  • Receive a minimum of eighteen hours of instruction each week.
  • Access select Cornell facilities and services, including fitness centers, libraries, and computer labs.

All students enroll in the non-credit course "UNIV 3032: English for International Students and Scholars." The course is graded pass/fail and will appear on your official Cornell University transcript.

Successful graduates receive a Cornell Certificate of Completion.

For a description of the 2017 summer program, read "Global scholars study academic English."


EISS offers you the opportunity to work closely with dedicated ESOL teachers from across a wide range of disciplines.

Mary K. Redmond
Program director, EISS, and senior lecturer, Department of Romance Studies, Cornell University

Student experiences


"We met great teachers and classmates here. We studied hard together. We had lunch and dinner together. Are you ready to start a new life?"


"I made a lot of friends from different countries, learned a lot, and grew more comfortable living in the United States. I will enter my graduate program in the fall with more confidence!"