Course description

In this three-week session, students will learn how designers think, solve problems, and improve our world. The need for critical thinkers is great and this course will enable students to better understand the world and their role in creating a more humane and sustainable future. The course also introduces design methodologies for creative thinking and practice design skills: sketching, modeling, prototyping, graphics, exhibition design.

Outcome 1: Develop literacy in design visualization and graphic communication.

Outcome 2: Develop skills in a variety of visualization techniques for effective communication.

Outcome 3: Develop skills for critical thinking and quantitative literacy, visual literacy and analysis, capacity to create knowledge.

Outcome 4: Reflection on professional practice.

DEA 1100: Design Generation(s) offers two full scholarships to cover all costs associated with enrollment in this online course, including tuition and application fee. For information, visit DEA 1100 scholarship.

Summer 2024: Online course

Nooshin Ahmadi
Nooshin Ahmadi
Architect and researcher, Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University
Section ID:DEA 1100 501-STU
Session:Summer 3-week 3
Class dates:July 15-August 2, 2024
Final exam/project due:Friday August 02, 9:30 AM - 1 PM / Online (see Final exams)
Time / room:M-F 9:30 AM - 1 PM / Online
Mode of instruction:Online (async+sync)
Grade:Graded only
Instructor:Ahmadi, N. (ne237)
Max. enroll:20
Notes:All lectures will be recorded for those who cannot attend in the morning to watch the session and then meet during office hours in the afternoon.

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Student experiences

"INCREDIBLE!! Totally enjoyed it and had a fabulous time. Thought it was the perfect course for anyone going into design."
"The course was a perfect blend of getting a chance to work individually as well in groups. It allowed us to experience the application of design apart from learning the theoretical aspects. I honestly loved everything about this class."