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  • Updates to our Summer College 2020 offerings are in progress. New courses will be added throughout the winter.

Explore how veterinary medicine may help preserve biodiversity

As species diversity declines and animals and plants face the threat of extinction, diseases proliferate, pollution increases, and food resources dwindle. In this program, offered at Cornell's top-ranked College of Veterinary Medicine, you'll discover the many ways that veterinarians are helping to combat these global crises.

Through lectures, hands-on labs, workshops, and field trips, you'll learn about conservation practices, veterinary medicine, and biological principles as they relate to the health of our planet.

You'll take part in experiential activities such as telemetry, reptile handling, and dart gun practice; study aspects of health science such as animal morphology and honey bee society; watch films about conservation and ecosystems; and learn from guest speakers.

You'll be challenged to think of your role in the health of the planet and how you can use the skills of veterinary medicine to make lasting contributions to the conservation of wildlife, people, and the environment.