Explore design's impacts & learn about its creative & managerial opportunities

In this multidisciplinary program, you'll explore design innovations and their impact on hospitality, health care operations and management, senior living, and other areas.

You'll learn how good design—which involves creativity, strategy, communication, empowerment, problem solving, and innovation—can improve consumer experiences, organizational operations, and even health care outcomes.

Through case studies and hands-on projects, you'll explore "design thinking," architecture, and planning. You'll also delve into using design and creative processes to improve business operations.

In addition, you'll interact with a variety of leaders from design, health care, and hospitality fields, participate in one or more site visits to health and/or hospitality operations on campus, and learn about careers that cut across design and other fields.

This introductory program is open to designers and non-designers alike. No artistic abilities are required.

You'll emerge with new skills and a fresh perspective on how design can elevate our moods, extend our lifespans, and help affect positive change.