Program status

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this program has been cancelled.

The good news is there are more than 100 Summer College online courses from which to choose. In addition to biology, chemistry, and veterinary medicine, we are offering science classes in subjects including ecology, anthropology, psychology, and physics. See the online course roster for all your options.

These regular Cornell courses give you a chance to study online with Cornell faculty, work alongside undergraduates, earn college credits, gain a Cornell transcript, and get a head start on preparing for college applications. We also will continue to offer you our one-on-one admissions counseling and other engaging ways to connect with Cornell.

Visit our online learning pages to read about course formats, academics, tuition, registration deadlines, and more.

Read about Cornell Summer College & the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Earn credits while conducting research in a Cornell laboratory

The Cornell University Research Apprenticeship in the Biological Sciences (RABS) offers a small number of serious, research-oriented students the rare opportunity to join a top-notch laboratory at one of the world’s leading research institutions.

During this innovative, intensive, and highly selective program, you'll become part of the renowned biomedical research community at Cornell's Ithaca campus, studying under the guidance of distinguished Cornell faculty members as you pursue research in an area of your choosing.

You'll develop your research skills, becoming familiar with the lab procedures, protocols, techniques, and equipment used in cutting-edge facilities. And you'll attend seminars on topics such as biology, medicine, and science ethics. All the while, you’ll work closely with some of Cornell’s leading professors, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate researchers.

Unlike other didactic research courses for minors, RABS is designed for students who want laboratory research as their only focus and are serious about a completely immersive experience into the life of a biological research scientist. Strong candidates must have demonstrated their interest in research through previous research activities in industry or at a university/college. See application guidelines.