For students in on-campus summer courses

If you're taking an on-campus summer course, we invite you to visit a six-week course for a day or two in addition to the course(s) in which you are enrolled for credit.

Visiting a class gives you an opportunity to explore a topic of your choosing, meet Cornell professors, and learn for the sheer joy of learning—no quizzes, no exams, no papers to write.


  • You will not receive credit for a course you visit, nor will it appear on your transcript.
  • You may visit a course or courses for a day or two, as specified by the professor.
  • Six-week lecture courses generally welcome visitors.
  • Labs, studios, writing courses, special programs, online courses, and three-week courses are not open to visitors.

To register to visit a course

  1. Select the course(s) you want to visit from the six-week precollege course roster
  2. Complete a Visitors Program permission form, available in the precollege academic office in B20 Day Hall.
  3. Ask the course instructor to sign the form, indicating that you have permission to visit.
  4. Bring the signed form back to the precollege academic office in B20 Day Hall.