Study architecture this summer with top Cornell AAP faculty

Cornell's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) offers you various options for summer study:

1. The Introduction to Architecture Summer Program

This intensive program, for undergraduates considering a master's degree in architecture, will introduce you to architectural ideas, principles, and methods of exploring architectural problems in a studio setting.

In small groups, you'll work in the studio, attend lectures, and develop skills in workshops on representational techniques and portfolio design.

The program requires no specialized knowledge beyond a serious interest in architectural design.

In 2023, this program will be offered online for precollege students. College students may enroll in either the online or the in-person, on-campus verion of the program.

2. Design studios at the first- through fifth-year level

These highly structured on-campus, in-person design studios offer you an opportunity for a concentrated period of design work.