If you'd like to take courses at Cornell and have them appear on your transcript, but you don't need to earn credits, you may register as an auditor.

To audit a course, you must attend class regularly and complete all the required work, except any that is graded.

If you do not need a course to appear on your transcript, consider the Visitors Program, through which you can take courses at a significant discount.

Tuition & fees

As an auditor, you pay the same tuition and fees as if you were taking the course for credit. See tuition.


Courses you audit will appear on an official Cornell transcript with a grade of "V".


  • Cornell University undergrads and high school students in the Cornell University Summer College program may not audit courses
  • The audit option is not available for every course. Check individual class listings for specific enrollment instructions.

To enroll & register

Enroll by mail or in person
Enroll online (available for Summer Session only)