Cornell University registration is the official recognition of a student’s relationship with the university and is the basic authorization for a student’s access to Cornell, its education, and services.

Completion of registration is essential to enable the university to plan for and provide education and services, guided by the highest standards for efficiency and safety.

Cornell assumes certain legal responsibilities for persons who participate as students in the university environment. As a result, specific requirements must be met in order to become a registered student and be permitted to attend classes.

To become a registered student at Cornell, you must

  • Pay the tuition in full
  • Satisfy New York State and university health requirements

In addition, matriculated Cornell students must have no holds from their college, the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, Cornell Health, or the bursar.

Cornell does not permit retroactive registration and does not record courses or grades for unregistered persons.

Registered students may attend classes in which they are not enrolled only with special permission.

"Enrollment" in courses does not constitute or imply university "registration."

Unauthorized, unregistered persons who use Cornell University services and attend classes have the potential to displace properly registered students, use university resources inappropriately, and jeopardize the security of the university. The university reserves the right to prohibit unregistered persons from attending classes and to require such persons to leave the university environment.

Student admission & enrollment

The SCE deans as officers of the university reserve the right to deny admission to any applicant, to discontinue the enrollment of any student whose personal actions are detrimental to the university community or are in violation of any applicable code of conduct, and to require the withdrawal of a student whose continuance at the university would be detrimental to himself or herself or to others.

It is your responsibility to become familiar with the academic regulations and procedures relating to your courses of study at the university.

In general, enrollment in programs at the School of Continuing Education (SCE) is contingent upon meeting all course prerequisites, completing enrollment and registration procedures and requirements, and fulfilling any other applicable requirements. It is also subject to space availability in your selected courses.