Fall and Spring students must obtain instructor, department, or college registrar approval before they can be enrolled in their course.

Note: All classes taught by Cornell Tech or at the Cornell Tech campus are closed to visiting students and staff.

Different colleges and schools have different required approvals:

Sample email that you should send:

Per instructions for Visiting Students wishing to enroll in Fall or Spring courses, I am requesting your permission to take the following class(es):

  • BIOEE 1781 Introduction to Evolution and Diversity, 4 credits, August 22-December 17, 2022

If you approve, please reply to this email at your earliest convenience with your okay. I will then forward your response to the registrar at the School of Continuing Education to complete my enrollment.

Please forward resulting approval email(s) to the SCE registrar at cusce@cornell.edu.

Locating instructor contact information

On the class roster for your term, use the search box to find your class. Hover over the instructor’s name on the class listing to show their netID (i.e. xzx23). The netID combined with “@cornell.edu” is the instructor’s email address (i.e. xzx23@cornell.edu).

How do I know which college offers my class?

Select a college or school from the list of quick links on the Courses of Study page.

Want to enroll in a First-Year Writing Seminar?

Requests for approval to enroll in a First-Year Writing Seminar (FWS course) must be sent to Donna L. Newton at dlo1@cornell.edu.