Course description

This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

Academic writing with an emphasis on improving organization, grammar, vocabulary, and style through the writing and revision of short papers. Frequent individual conferences supplement class work. This course is suitable for students who are still in high school or have just graduated and whose schooling has been in languages other than English.

Not a First-Year Writing Seminar. (Will appear on transcript; does not count toward graduation.)


Placement by exam.

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Previously offered classes

Summer 2022: Ithaca campus

Section ID:WRIT 1011 101-SEM
Session:Summer 6-week
Class dates:June 21-July 29, 2022
Final exam/project due:Friday July 29, 11 AM - 12:15 PM / Goldwin Smith Hall 162 (see Final exams)
Time / room:M-F 11 AM - 12:15 PM / Goldwin Smith Hall 162
Mode of instruction:In person
Instructor:Sands, J. (jls642)
Max. enroll:15
To enroll:

This class requires an application or instructor consent to enroll.

This course is open to all registrants, including undergraduates and precollege students.

Student experiences

"I gained the experience of studying and socializing in a completely different culture.... It was fantastic and wonderful. The best summer I've ever had! Go to Cornell!"
"I recommend this program—the professor gave very helpful advice, I’ve improved my spoken English a lot, and it’s a great chance to study at a great university. It’s left me with precious memories."