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This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

How do pathogens exploit human and animal hosts? The focus will be on the molecular and cellular interactions between host and pathogen with examples from SARS-CoV2, other viruses like influenza, bacteria and parasites. How do scientists obtain this information and how is it used to develop new therapies and drugs?

This course is open to all registrants, including undergraduates and precollege students.


Prerequisite: Must have basic cell biological knowledge (eg. Structure of DNA, how proteins are made, enzyme function).

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"I got to work with live animals and do what vet students get to do on a daily basis. It gave me a sense of what it is to be a veterinarian and has really encouraged me to pursue that career. It was an amazing experience."
"I know that Cornell's vet school is the best, so I wanted a chance to utilize some of their resources and see if I really wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine....All of my professors were amazing. They really made it so that we were able to understand basic anatomy and physiology of veterinary medicine, even as high school students."