Course description

In today???s rapidly changing environment, management personnel, whether in companies, in non-profit organizations or within governmental departments, rely on analysis using quantitative models from the discipline of management science to make the right decisions. Management science tools, techniques and concepts (e.g., data, models, simulation, regression, linear programming, and optimization) have dramatically changed the way businesses operate in manufacturing, service operations, marketing, transportation, and finance. When used wisely, management science models and tools have tremendous value to support managers and systems engineers making right decisions to solve complex problems. In particular, we will focus on various ways of modeling, or thinking structurally about, decision problems in order to enhance decision-making skills in complex settings.

Learning outcomes:

??? Formulate a problem/business opportunity as a mathematical model and solve it
??? Produce insights from solving mathematical models
??? Demonstrate deep understanding of management science techniques to solve various problems and the shortcoming of each technique


Math 2940; ORIE 3500; CS1110/CS2110

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