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In modern society, we all spend much of our lives participating in or interacting with organizations. Most of us are born in organizations, educated in organizations, and work in organizations. The ubiquity and variability of organizations result in a myriad of organizational challenges we regularly face. The goal of this introductory course is to help students gain understandings of the origins, structure, and dynamics of organizations and their relationships to their environment. It is designed to provide an exposure to multiple theories of organizations and within the context of changing technological, social, and political/legal environments and the globalization of the world economy. We will also apply organizational theories to a variety of empirical cases.


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Summer 2020: Online course

Section ID:SOC 2150 001-LEC
Class dates:June 22-August 4, 2020
Due date:Friday July 31, 11:59 PM (see Final exams)
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Mode of instruction:Asynchronous distance learning
Grade:Student option
Instructor:Liu, L. (ll733)
Max. enroll:25
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Related:Cross-listed with DSOC 2150 001-LEC
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