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Course description

This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

This course provides an overview of the area of corporate sustainability, with particular emphasis on the finance industry. The focus will be on understanding how the challenges of sustainability, including resource depletion, climate change, biodiversity loss, poverty, inequality, and weak governance, can affect corporate behavior. Through a combination of classroom presentations, assigned readings, independent writing assignments, and in-class discussions, students will learn about the most important themes in corporate sustainability.

Outcome 1: Students will describe the key trends in the area of corporate sustainability, as well as the risks and opportunities that arise from a growing public awareness of the impacts of corporate activity.

Outcome 2: Students will articulate sustainability risks associated with particular corporate activities and will be able to propose actions that mitigate these risks.

Outcome 3: Students will critically examine the interactions between corporate entities and their peers, their regulators, the public, and their other stakeholders, and to recognize opportunities for improving the outcomes of these interactions.

Outcome 4: Students will leverage financial tools to better manage natural resources and reach particular social objectives.


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