Course description

This course will equip you with an understanding of the technical, organizational, managerial, social, and policy-related issues surrounding information and communications technologies in public and nonprofit sectors, and help you develop the knowledge for analyzing and leveraging technology in diverse settings. The course integrates 1. key managerial topics, such as technology acquisition, global sourcing, project management, risk governance, and digital strategies; 2. essential technical topics, such as the foundation of digital computers, history and architecture of the Internet, and the net neutrality policy; 3. emerging technology trends and new models of organizing, such as AI, blockchain, and digital platforms; 4. case studies from markets worldwide; 5. analytical frameworks for problem-solving and decision-making in
real-life scenarios. The course is designed for students both with and without technical background.

Outcome 1: Articulate the key elements of IT systems and IT development and governance process.

Outcome 2: Analyze and manage the value and risk of a diverse portfolio of IT projects and programs.

Outcome 3: Apply analytical frameworks to develop strategies and solutions for complex real-life cases.

Outcome 4: Assess and leverage emerging technology trends to reshape global policies and public sectors.

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