Course description

In industry, engineers are often tasked with the mitigation of technical and functional risks associated with the development and launch of new products. A Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) is a controlled process by which a product concept, a customer specification, and other system functional requirements are transformed into a fully validated (robust) product design whose product risks can be recorded, minimized, and communicated to the greater organization prior to product launch. This course will explore the realization of validated designs through the utilization of the DFMEA process.

Outcome 1: Students will be able to better understand the role of design engineers as related to industry.

Outcome 2: Students will be able to understand Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) as it applied to design of mechanical systems.


equivalent CAD-based design course plus 2.5 years of engineering mathematics, including probability and statistics. Enrollment limited to: M.Eng. or graduate students in MAE or permission of instructor.

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