Course description

Special Intersession Electives are classes designed to be offered during intersession periods, i.e., Winter and Summer terms, addressing the most rapidly evolving and immediate student needs for skills development at the time when they are offered. This format is designed to create flexibility in course design and allow instructors to offer topics in areas that might not be practical during the standard Fall/Spring terms. The Sibley School believes that the intersession period is one in which enormous flexibility can be offered to instructors to create vibrant opportunities for students, and defers to The Sibley School Associate Director for Undergraduate Affairs the responsibility of ensuring that course content is appropriate.
Specific examples of topics that are appropriate for this format include:
1. specific computing skills e.g. version control, scientific computing, specific languages and implementation that may change more quickly than the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate curriculum
2. specific professional and technical communication skills e.g. speaking, writing, use of and regulation of AI, networking and job-hunting, which may need to adapt more quickly than the ME undergraduate curriculum
3. legal and business issues e.g., intellectual property, leadership, management, and entrepreneurial endeavors, where availability of instructors may be intermittent
4. specific technical and experimental skills e.g., design of experiments, sensors and actuators, statistical analysis which are deemed to be insufficiently covered by current laboratory classes
5. applied mechanical engineering topics viewed as not foundational enough for the ME undergraduate curriculum but nonetheless a critical part of practicing mechanical engineers: machine elements, power generation, materials handling, transportation engineering, building design and HVAC, manufacturing processes, turbomachinery, safety, standards
6. specific industry or application spaces e.g., electric vehicles, VTOL aircraft
7. whatever other topics inspire the passion of instructors and students

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