2020 Courses

  • Winter Session 2020 course rosters will be available in late September.
  • Summer Session 2020 course rosters will be available in November.

Course description

Broad overview of theories, research, and issues in the study of human development during adolescence and emerging adulthood. Focuses on the major biological, cognitive, and social changes during adolescence; the psychosocial issues of adolescence, including identity, autonomy, intimacy, sexuality, achievement, and problems; and the contexts in which adolescent development occurs, particularly families, peer groups, schools, work, and popular culture. Discusses empirical research, theories, case studies of the lives of real adolescents, and, to a lesser degree, public policies.

Outcome 1: Students demonstrate understanding of theories and research findings from psychology, sociology, and neuroscience, which apply to adolescence.


Summer 2019: Ithaca campus

Section ID:HD 1170 001-LEC
Class dates:July 15-August 2, 2019
Days/times:M-F 10 AM - 12:30 PM 151
Location:Ithaca campus
Grade:Student option
Instructor:Carr, K. (kc64)
Elmore, K. (kce28)
Hritz, A. (ach254)
Merrill, S. (smm474)
Sumner, R. (ras525)
Max. enroll:80

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