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Most people born well before the modern digital era have a trove of “before digital devices” stories. Many wonder whether our collective absorption with all things digital will be the downfall of humankind. Others point to the many opportunities the modern digital era have opened up for youth and adults. No one, however, wonders whether it has had an impact on the way adolescents and young adults develop and interact with the world. This course is focused on exploring some of these intersections. After situating both human development and communication technologies in broader sociological context, the course will invite students to consider the role of modern communication technologies in identity formation and expression, relationships and intimacy, mental health, and prosocial and civic engagement. Using an interactive, discussion based format class sessions will be devoted to considering questions such as: How is identity defined and performed in/with social media? How are constructions of youth, gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality represented in social media contexts? Can social media technologies be a vehicle for prosocial exchange and civic engagement? How does use of social media affect mental health and broader well-being? What are some of the most common ethical and moral challenges associated with growing up in the digital age? Readings and discussion will be augmented with personal reflection and extra-classroom activities.


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